Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Two Greatest Trumpeters In History: Louis Armstrong & Miles Davis

When Worlds Collide

The Two Greatest Trumpeters In History

Miles Davis was a very interesting man, and in many ways he was snobby. For instance, it was common for him to perform on stage at a live concert, with his back to the audience–the whole time. That is what makes this image so fascinating. If you study the body language carefully, you wee that Miles Davis is in absolute awe of Louis Armstrong.

It is ironic, if you think about it, that Louis Armstrong was probably the greatest Jazz musician that ever lived. Not only was Louis Armstrong a Jazz pioneer, but he enjoyed an incredible career. Louis Armstrong thought Miles Davis was a kind of clown, that broke all the rules of Jazz just to be weird. Conversely, Miles Davis thought Louis Armstrong was an "Uncle Tom." Despite their differences, they met in this photo, which is absolutely fascinating to me.

"You can tell the history of jazz in four words, Louis Armstrong; Charlie Parker." –Miles Davis

Louis Armstrong & Miles Davis

“You can’t play nothing on modern trumpet that doesn’t come from Louis Armstrong, not even modern shit. I can’t even remember a time when he sounded bad playing the trumpet. Never. Not even one time. He had great feeling up in his playing and he always played on the beat. I just loved the way he played and sang.” –Miles Davis

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